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You are so awesome for always sending opportunities and great people my way Robert. I really hope it takes off and I fully support it... However....there were MANY typos and grammar problems throughout.... It really detracted from the professionalism and made the quality of the magazine questionable to some people. It is put together by one person, my friend in LA, and I hope she does get a professional editor to review it a number of times before printing. I used to type like that a while back when I was "busy" to try to show the reader I was in a "hurry," but I now think that proper punctuation is best, regardless of how much time I have to write. I'll pass this feedback along to the editor, as it is something she needs to hear.

This mag is going to be a great success with Brenda behind it.. I just heard from the Editor that the magazine went off to print! It is only and will help another vegan business get going.

"Once sexual debut occurs, the less the benefit of the vaccine will be," he says, pointing to the fact that the risk of HPV exposure jumps once a person is sexually active.

"How much less and whether vaccination is warranted after sexual debut, I think the data aren't there yet to support taking the vaccine or not." It will take additional research to see what the "residual benefit" will be. S., the District of Columbia and the state of Virginia have passed mandatory-vaccination laws in order to cut down on some of the 5.5 million new HPV infections each year nationwide.

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I think there will be a lot of helpful and useful content in the magazine as well. Hey Doug, Just emailed the Editor and she said International orders can get a digital version for per year (It's only 4 issues per year). I didn't think it would be in "any" stores for a year or two.

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