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The public dock has day spaces for small boats, a loading ramp, a swimming beach, picnic tables and ramped washrooms.

Bass Lake, on the community’s western side, is justly noted for its muskellunge fishery.

The same word with a newer pronunciation is used for the town Manitowaning (19th-century Odawa "Manidoowaaning"), which is located on Manitoulin Island near the underwater cave where legend has it that the spirit dwells.

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In that lake is a huge island; in that island is a lake, and in that lake is Treasure Island ..." Not the opening of a children's story but a real place in Ontario that retains some of the artless wonders of childhood: a place where the stars twinkle more brightly, the deer emerge from the forest at twilight and the abundant fish are enchanted princes (that one's a fib).

Manitoulin Island contains a number of lakes of its own.

In order of size, its three most prominent lakes are Lake Manitou, Lake Kagawong and Lake Mindemoya.

Just think of exploring 2766 km2 (1167 square miles) of pristine landscape.

Part of the Niagara Escarpment, Manitoulin Island offers some amazing nature experiences, and here are our top picks for what you can't miss.


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