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Meers population has dwindled from the gold rush peak of 500 down to the present residents: one family of six people, eight cats and a dog.

The Meers Store and Restaurant has became famous for our Meersburger, a 7" diameter burger made exclusively from prize winning Texas Longhorn beef raised on the family's own ranch.

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" Yoda asked."My former mother was kidnapped by Kumo when she was a child for unknown reasons, possible that they wanted to control her for the Uzumaki fortune." Naruto said calmly."Again, has it happened.

Kidnapped, your little sister was, by Orochimaru." Yoda said worriedly."Pain, suffering, I sense, longing." Yoda said worriedly."Where." Naruto asked coldly."Where has he taken my sister." Naruto asked menacingly."I can sense her, Naruto.

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