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Learn about auto-updates NEWIn Paint 3D it’s a snap to create 3D objects from scratch or modify someone else’s creation.

Easily change color, texture or turn a 2D picture into a 3D object with a click.

Rose was raised by her Mom (the only one of the kids' guardians with a genetically-accurate parent).The name Terezi was first proposed by cashew Squared, and Pyrope was suggested by Dragoshi.Rose's Mom - Adoptive and Genetic mother Roxy - Genetic mother Dave's Bro - Genetic father Dave Strider - Genetic brother Kanaya Maryam - Patron troll, wife Terezi Pyrope & Gamzee Makara - Ex-Auspistice Jaspers - Pet Casey - Vassal Windswept Questant - Exile Jasprosesprite^2 - Post tier 2 prototyped self when chatting on Pesterchum. Rose's Associated Classical Element is water, as evidenced by the water running through her house, and Rose's Associated Item is chalk.Unknown if this will stick given the massive HONK that followed, however. His associated zodiac sign is Capricorn (♑) and his horns resemble those of a goat.He uses purple as a text color, and used to type with each letter alternating case, which (like most things) annoyed Karkat.After sobering up, his lines alternate between all caps and all lowercase.


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