Ns dating ad

Go to the site and check out the profiles of the people that are there.Decide if you prefer profiles to have photos or if you're willing to post and answer an ad that doesn't have a photo.Make sure your username portrays what you want it to.

However, spokesperson Meg Sinclair said in an interview that this was not an example of a Sponsored Story or Social Context ad.

Meet Canadian girls and women for friendship, dating or relationships.” could not immediately be reached for comment.

Andrew Ennals, a Toronto copy writer, was browsing Facebook late Tuesday afternoon from work and did a double take when saw the image of Parsons.“It kind of caught my eye because it’s a photo that we’ve all seen a lot,” he said. ”A Google search confirmed it was indeed the widely-circulated photo of Parsons.

The social media site removed the ad Tuesday and apologized, saying it was a gross violation of the company's policies. The use of photos of Rehtaeh Parsons in online dating ads posted on Facebook is upsetting but ultimately an inevitable reality of social media, an expert in Internet and privacy law said Wednesday. Robert Currie of Dalhousie University in Halifax said companies are increasingly using automated programs that rip photos from websites, and it was only a matter of time before the now-ubiquitous image of the 17-year-old girl wound up somewhere it shouldn’t have.

“This is how technology works and it’s another example of how little control anyone has over any image once it gets out into the Internet sphere,” said Currie, director of the university’s Law and Technology Institute.


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