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To make client-side processing easier, Bot Detect exposes a client-side Regardless of the underlying server-side Bot Detect Captcha implementation (ASP. NET MVC Applications, or other), Ajax Captcha validation will always use the Bot Detect client-side interface.

NET Basic Captcha example project shows the most basic source code required to protect an ASP.

This experience as a consultant has provided him with a deep understanding of software development and has lead to a focus on proper architecture, performance, stability, and overall cost effectiveness of delivered solutions.

If you want to validate the user's Captcha input before individual control events, you can also place the Captcha validation code in the handler, in case there are multiple controls which can submit the page.

We want to validate the Captcha regardless of what caused the page to be submitted.

To ensure that a human has performed a task, and not a machine.

In web applications, they attempt to prevent attackers from creating automated bits of code to brute-force forms, fuzz user input or cause a denial of service.


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