Sally hawkins dating

As we settle into comfy sofas, Hawkins looks like she wishes her’s would swallow her whole.“I’m not very good at these, sorry,” she apologises with a frown.

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We’re here to discuss , which has been a four-year labour of love for the actress’s close friend, writer-director Paul King.

Hawkins herself is such an intelligent, sensitive actress that there are times when those qualities shine through, particularly in Poppy’s quieter moments.

When she comes across a homeless man who is complaining loudly but incoherently, she behaves as if he is making perfect sense.

In real life, she had learned to paint as a child, rendering small watercolor scenes on greeting cards which she later sold for money.

In the film, where it’s more dramatically expedient to invent a “eureka” moment, she discovers a small pot of house paint among Everett’s things and takes the initiative of sprucing up an old shelf with a fresh coat of spring green, running her fingers through the liquid in a state of mild artistic ecstasy.


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