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Aria was dating Noel, however, she kissed Ezra while meeting each other to talk. However, she was in love with Ezra and stayed with him.

Ella was born Ella Jane Rose to Judy and Jack Rose sometime in 1972.

Paige is rude to Samara, even though she was the one to blow off their meeting, and Samara had come only to help her. Once they are at the movies the next day, Emily fills Samara in on how getting a letter from the college might mean she won't have to move. Emily then has a thought about the time when she was at that same theater with Maya and opens herself up to Samara, when she picks up on it.

In "The Goodbye Look," Samara manages to convince Emily to go see a movie with her, despite Emily's hesitation that she's moving to Texas, and maybe shouldn't start something new. Samara returns the favor, opening up to Emily about her first girlfriend; saying that she was a conservative girl who always wore her hair up, and Samara used to stare at the back of her neck, until one day they had a study date, and she "Let her hair down!

Before Alison's death, she and Alison discovered that Aria's father was having an affair with one of his former students, Meredith, who became his coworker at Hollis College.He said: "Samara and I have a great amount of respect for each other and I think we'll always be very close."Taylor Atkins is believed to have once had a brief romance with Paris Hilton.excited to see a whole new generation terrorized by a demon child, a well, and a low-budget video of a Victorian woman brushing her hair.Ella married Byron on November 22, 1993 and gave birth to both of her children in the mid to late 1990s.She cares dearly for her kids and respects their privacy.The series follows the lives of four girls — Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily — whose clique parts after the disappearance of their leader, Alison.


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