Sedating a cat for grooming sex dating in trezevant tennessee

Some felines even suffer higher anxiety while under the influence of sedative which can make grooming more difficult for the groomer and less safe for kitty.

CFMG’s want kitty to realize there is nothing to fear during the grooming process.

In fact, many are very calm during the bathing process and seem to find it relaxing.

We use special techniques to introduce a cat to the bathing process each time, until we can see that they are used to it.

Make sure your cat groomer is certified through National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc, the only cat grooming association that offers effective, quality training for cat grooming certification.

Contrary to popular belief, most cats do not mind being bathed.

Though we have no way of confirming this (except by inference, as in the case of heightened aggression in dogs who receive ace), we do know that similar tranquilizers in humans have fallen out of favor due to their dysphoric effects on people.It is just as important to make a short haired feline healthy and happy as a long haired feline by eliminating all of these uncomfortable issues.FACT: Sure it may not be important to some owners if someone sees a small balding spot on their cat where they have completed a do-it-yourself cut out of a mat on kitty’s back but these same owners feel like they are constantly finding and combing / cutting out these unsightly and painful matted spots. Removing the mat is not a solution to the problem and certainly won’t prevent future matting!A proper soap down in water is crucial as “dry baths” are not cleaning any dirt and debris off of your kitty’s coat.Although these products are used in some grooming establishments they will only add to the grease in the skin and coat therefore creating more shedding and matting problems for kitty and you! Even some of the very difficult felines are able to be groomed without the use of sedatives with proper cat handling techniques.When I offered my answer, I received a comment urging me to be more clear about “ace” so that pet owners wouldn’t get a one-sided view of this popular drug.


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