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Thomas was cited for a litany of misdemeanor violations.

On July 1, 2014 Harris County prosecutors charged Thomas and Timothy Coleman under the state felony dog attack law.

During this period, Robinson cultivated and maintained the outward appearance of a community-minded citizen and family man; he became a Scoutmaster, a baseball coach and a Sunday school teacher.

In 1977 he talked his way onto the board of directors of a local charitable organization and forged a series of letters from its executive director to the mayor of Kansas City, and from the mayor to other civic leaders, commending his generous volunteer efforts and generally singing his praises.

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Tiara Thomas, the dog's owner, also had four pit bull puppies in her home.I've created books and products with one specific goal in mind; to help you transform challenges into powerful catalysts for focus, clarity, and momentum every day.My name is Sheila Robinson-Kiss and I've been helping people and organizations get over it to get on with it for a decade.Calvin Coolidge once said "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence." I agree. I provide one-on-one consultation, write books and design educational programs across the country that help people look at endings in a new way, maximize relationships, and master the art of bounce back at work and in life.If you are able to persist through the challenging times, rest assured you will enjoy the sweetest of times. When you're stuck and ready to get over it to get on with it, I provide tools that help speed healing.The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office first started their investigation into Curry's actions on July 8, 2014, when someone called the professional standards unit to report the jail services technician.


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