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In a tete-a-tete with Five Stars and a Moon, she talks about her struggles being an unmarried mother, the unfettered support she receives from her family, friends, co-workers and employer, and her hopes for the future. Is there still a stigma attached to being one in Singapore?Serena: I gave birth to my daughter three and a half years ago so I’ve been a single mum since.However, my ex has not bothered to make any attempt to comply with this arrangement and therefore has by default not bothered to persue any contact since my divorce from him 3yrs ago.My question to any other single parents looking to relocate abroad, is that did you have to seek any legal guidance and/or 'Leave to Remove' order via the Courts prior to relocating?Miss Sng lives with her son and her retired parents in a three-bedroom flat in Pasir Ris.

I'm a single parent for a 5 years old toddler would dearly want to meet some single parent out there.

"Family support is of one of the most important things to an unwed mother." Miss Sng's mother, Madam Teo Mui Hong, 67, said: "She's my child, I cannot just leave her to fend for herself. "I told her to keep the child, it's an innocent life.

Some people who want children can't even conceive." Madam Teo also said that although she was initially caught between the feelings of "sadness and joy" when she heard that her daughter was pregnant, she is proud of her for having the courage to face life as an unwed mother.

It will be fun to exchange idea on parenting or simply wind about working and social life beside busy sending and picking up the kid from childcare or enrichment classes. I can understand your situation, having been one myself not so long ago.

I am not currently a single parent, but wouldnt mind making friends if your up to it! Hi there, I am a single divorced mother of a 6yr old boy looking to relocate to Singapore in August (both my brother and sister have been settled there for the past 2.5 yrs).


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