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Latest Review: Majority of profiles appear to be computer generated.

If you attempt to contact a person via the IM system, as soon as you hit send the person suddenly becomes off line. Latest Review: I would happily recommend this site if you are looking for a genuine and reliable dating site. Latest Review: Red Hot Pie is a total waste of time, I saw the ad on Facebook and thought why not. I came here to warn people about this site, it is full of scammers not genuine lonely people looking for some contact with someone they might like, A great load...

Instead of paying for 3 months of landline charges. so i say, cancel the NBN order, ok she says..i get a sms to say that i have to pay 0 for the NBN, so again i ring them, and still no one who can speak English so i say, email me the cancelled order so i have it in writing. They have been an absolute headache from start to finish.

I WILL NOT BE RENEWING WITH THIS SO CALLED AUSSIE COMPANY! The money we paid to get out of this contract was the best spend through this whole ordeal! We have naked adsl connection on the unlimited plan.

Someone who finds fun in most things and laughs alot. I am a very caring trustworthy person, with a big heart and common sense, :) . Not keen on social gatherings involving many people, dislike noisy environments. Interested in science, some sport (only AFL really), reading mainly fiction.

I am an honest lady and very loving with a great sense of humour because I am fun to be with and spend time with I am down to earth type lady life has taught me so much and I know how to treat a man right.

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They hooked us up without suppkying said router, hence we were without internet for several days. So they ended up disconnecting me and accusing me of never paying the bill. Within the first month after they charged me for the first bill, they already applied the second bill on my statement.I have received a call from iprimus that me that they had an authorised order for the nbn to be contacted. Regards Louise When i signed up with iprimus no one told me it was run from the Philippines, they phone me about NBN which i have been waiting for, after almost an hour of TRYING to get SOMEONE who could speak English they tell me that it's all run from the Philippines, the kept on reading a legel document that they said i had to say yes to, how the hell can i say yes to someone i can't even understand! You have to wait indefinitely for someone to answer your call. We let them know this after our first appointment when we had our first appointment.I am so annoyed because of your deceitful telemarketing I would have nbn. Then they said i have to pay 0 and sign up for another 2 years when i still have 10 months left on this contract, or pay a furthure 5, then they said, ok will email you the legel stuff for you to read Mam, after a very intense phone conversation with people who don't speak English i hang up, then they phone me back, we have the wrong address she says, SO they have my name and birthday on some one elses address???? Absolutely disgusted- if you actually want an internet service provider- go elsewhere- to someone who will do what they say and try their hardest to actually provide the service that they have guaranteed. I cannot express how terrible this company is from their customer service to their lack of connection and the money they try and charge.I am looking for a wonderful happy decent man, a man to share the journey of life with. Height 165cm, ie not tall (or dark, handsome -not sure).Someone who enjoys the simple things in life, like family, friends, nature and peaceful living. I am a lover of nature and all animals, including humans that are kind :) I am stable, well mannered and a very warm caring partner. Exercise regularly but not lengthy sessions, just enough to stay fit.There has been a lot of discussion regarding whether or not women should wear a bra.


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