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We’ve not forgotten the musical heritage either; upstairs there’s a baby grand piano - a fitting addition as in the 1880’s the area was well-known for piano manufacturing.

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This user friendly guide lists events by category and date so you can see, at a glance, what’s going on in London on any given day.Within easy reach of all major London universities and colleges, as well as all of Londons best bars, restaurants and gyms, Kirby Street is sure to provide you with the best student experience.Whether you are a first-year or a Postgraduate, our 128-bed property offers a wide range of modern and stylish studios to suit your needs.When the old inn was rebuilt in the grand gin palace style in 1871, a combination of historical misunderstanding, mispronunciation and poor sign-writing led to the pub being renamed as the Bull & Gate.We’ve not forgotten our roots though, and as a nod to the decadent Henry VIII we’ve christened our new cocktail bar - Boulogne Bar, decking it out in finery fit for a king.All Ace venues, whilst catering locally for their crowds, share the true Ace Cafe spirit and, with privilege and pride, invite you all to be part of it.


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