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Spice offers ordinary people the opportunity to do the most extraordinary things in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere Once a member, you will be able to attend hundreds of exciting events during the following 12 months, turning the next year into the most exciting of your life We do everything from Hot Air Ballooning to White Water Rafting, Power boating, Water Sports to Scuba Diving, Guided Walks to Mountain Biking, Hawk Walks to Fire Eating.

Don’t worry if the adrenaline events are not your cup of tea, we have a fantastic social side, including.

Parties, Theatre Trips, Rotating & Lucky Dip Dinners , Pub Socials, Dining, Sports Nights, Behind the Scenes and a host of other unusual nights out, workshops and not to mention the overseas holidays and weekend breaks - get set for a life packed with SPICE!

All the Events, detailed in the 'Live It' Newsletter, Holiday Brochure and also on our web site, are aimed at the beginner and so no equipment is necessary. SPICE has been running almost 30 years and currently has over 12,000 members, split between eight SPICE groups around the country.

I've been busy working together with the lovely people at Black Sheep Wools to bring you a brand new blanket pattern!

Not only that, but we're making it a Crochet Along too.

It still took a while for interest in his blog to take off, but then, just as the year was nearly up a couple of national newspapers caught on to Dan’s story.“People then started to ask me lots of questions about my recipes and everyone seemed quite happy with it and so we thought we’d extend it.

In the end we nearly did two years, although I have a feeling the children may have had the odd burger while out with friends.”Five years on and Dan still cooks the family a curry two or three times a week.

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The sun is trying to peek through the clouds and as I'm typing away to you I must admit I have a bit of a tingle going on today.“I have always loved cooking,” says the father of three who moved to the UK from America more than 20 years ago.“I was born and raised in California where I was introduced to great food young.My grandfather passed down to me all of the family recipes while I was growing up and so began a love for cooking that has made life very enjoyable and tasty too.Something I've had to keep under my hat for a little while.Something I've been bursting to tell you about and something, I hope, you will be able to get excited about too.It was here he fell in love with Indian food.“When I first came to Britain I tasted Indian food and loved it.


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