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A few months ago I used Spring Web Services to build a POX (Plain Old XML, not SOAP) web service for work.It was a good experience, and Spring-WS made creating a POX service pretty easy.This article is part of our Academy Course titled Spring Integration for EAI.

SAAJ doesn’t perform any kind of XOP decoding (beyond MIME processing): This is the optimal processing model because XOP unaware code will just work (although not necessarily with the best performance) and it is still possible to write code that processes MTOM messages in a highly optimized way (including full streaming support for binary data, introduced in Axiom 1.2.13).

This tutorial is composed by the following sections: The communication with external web services is done by Spring Integration with gateways.

As explained in the previous tutorial, you can find two types of gateways: inbound and outbound.

There are several known issues related to MTOM (or more generally XOP) processing in Spring-WS.

This article identifies the common root cause of these issues and discusses a possible (long term) solution.


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