Tall woman shorter man dating

There was a time when it was a social faux pas to date interracially or date the same sex, namely because at one time there were actual laws against it.

Now same sex couples are getting married and interracial couples are as common as a sunrise.

It’s stated more as an observation with an implied question behind it of, “How do you handle that?

” If you saw me during the last day of Pursuit, you probably noticed it, too.

It’s ironic because when I was younger, I told myself I wanted my husband to be taller than me.

That became a challenge when I was taller than most of the boys my age in high school and college.

You can bypass this meat market crap-fest by being open minded and considering women who are your height or (wait)... In short, there are plenty of women who will find you attractive the way you are, but fear being judged or ridiculed for not finding (what society thinks is) a 'better' contender.

As if that’s not enough, they are also underrepresented in the business world. While in caveman times I might have needed a hulking monolith of a man to keep me from freezing to death, we live in the era of John Lewis, and I have a really great duvet.

Whether you're a short man (5'5-5'8) or a very short man (5'4 and under), you will find that many women are as tall if not taller than you.

So what exactly are you supposed to do, follow society's rules and only date women who are at least 4 inches shorter than you? Your dating pool would be extremely small (but at least society will be happy right? Let's also not forget about the many short women who have stricter height requirements than their taller sistren.

I got so used to people being a little shorter than me that I stopped noticing. I always let people in on a little secret: I find taller people intimidating simply because I’m not used to it! I’m used to scrunching down in photos to make myself more level with my friends.

Sometimes in our pictures Josh looks taller than me, and it always happens by accident (or habit).


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