Ten tips dating korean guy

Here’s your crash course 101 before you go into this guide: dating rules vary from country to country.What works in America or the UK may not work its charm in a foreign land.However, this is only a misconception—the truth is, Korean men are for the most part, shy!They are harder to approach because of their timid nature, and even if they are interested in you, they may hesitate to show any signs of interest. If you ever notice a Korean guy that you're interested in, don't be afraid to make the first move!

Some believe that it's because Korean guys are against interracial dating or that they are only attracted to other Koreans.

Koreans can be very much intimidated by English and shy away from girls that know none of their native language.

There are some guys who are interested in dating foreigners and others who are only interested in dating Korean women.

Men all over the world have different tastes and you should accept dating is going to be a miss and hit.

To compose this guide, I spoke with fellow bloggers, Korean guys, friends who have Korean boyfriends and husbands, and what advice they would give to girls dating in Korea.


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