Travel companion dating

The best part is on the page where you can report people there is a warning that YOU might get banned for reporting too many people.

I completely 100% have no doubt that there are a ton of fake female profiles out there and scammers.

Talk with your travel partner about your hopes and expectations.

Their profiles all follow the same general format, have several high quality pictures, have their phone number and email address and they are all incredibly hot.

“The only part I didn’t mention was the sex part…That’s private!

” Smiley face.) So, Very Particular Type of Adventurers, pack your travel negligee and/or fat wallet, and see where Miss will take you.

So much so that dating apps are being used for more than just the traditional date.

Solo travelers are swiping left and right to connect with like-minded adventurers or in-the-know locals who can show them a good time off the beaten path in their hometown.


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