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They are the custodians of Debre Bizen's collection of more than 1,000 medieval manuscripts, including fine illustrated parchments bound in thick leather, cloth and wood.Once very prosperous, most of the monastery's property was confiscated during the time of the Dergue's occupation, which actively discouraged religious institutions The Dergue's culture commissars told the monks that religious artifacts should be burned.

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The monastery is actually a small village of a few dozen stone monk's houses, three churches, some classrooms and agricultural support buildings.

Debre Bizen homes some 60 monks, who chose to live an austere life, and a fluctuating number of students in its religious school.

On March 22, 2005, the towns of Hinase and Yoshinaga (both from Wake District) were merged into Bizen.

As of this merger, the total area became 258.23 km².


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