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I mean, seriously, if you don’t want an i Phone why on earth would you want a phone that LOOKS like an i Phone?

If you do want an i Phone, and you’re waiting for your contract to come up – why would you want this knock-off looking phone when you can just wait out your contract?

The key difference and advantage that the Versa has over the Dare is in its versatility where its name is taken from.

The versa has a keyboard attachment that supplements its capabilities and allows the user to type messages much faster than any on-screen keyboard could.

One of the most notable fallouts of the Apple i Phone launch last year is the ever-growing trend of touch-screen phones.

LG was one of the first manufacturers out of the gate with phones such as the LG Voyager and the LG Vu dazzling us with features that we couldn't get on the i Phone, like live mobile TV and 3G connectivity.

With the keyboard removed, the Versa looks just like the Dare and from afar, it would be pretty difficult to distinguish the two.

The appropriately named LG Dare presents a few tricks we haven't seen before in the touch-screen phone genre.The Versa is also able to recognize when the keyboard is opened.It can then switch the screen orientation into landscape mode allowing the correct orientation for keyboard use.Samsung then came blazing out with the Instinct, a phone that directly targets the i Phone with visual voice mail, integrated GPS, and corporate e-mail support.Yet, many of these phones still walked on familiar ground with its design and features.Please use the Videora Converter Forum for those type of requests.


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