Updating live messenger

But that, for some odd reason, doesn't work for me. :) Now scroll through the list to find "Messenger" Once you have found it, click the "disable" button.Here's a different solution that should work for all versions.Existing Windows Live Messenger users will be greeted with an upgrade notification from April 8th onwards that will prevent them from signing into the service.Microsoft is pre-caching the Skype installer to existing machines to allow users to simply accept the notification and switch over to Skype, while the installer removes Windows Live Messenger.The update brings the app to version 100.0 just before the year’s end.The ability to use live masks within Messenger most likely comes from Facebook’s acquisition of MSQRD earlier this year.In posts shared today by David Marcus, Facebook Messenger’s team lead, Facebook’s Messenger application will be seeing two new major changes to the chat application.

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Though for certain regions, Microsoft is still keeping the service alive and its servers running .What Messenger Reviver 2 does is it automatically modifies the required Windows Live Messenger files for version 2008, 2009, 20 in order to bypass the upgrade dialog.The procedure to install Messenger Reviver 2 and get Windows Live Messenger running within a few seconds is also quite simple.Microsoft has been testing its migration plans with a test cell, so a very small number will move over on March 15th, but 99 percent of users will start shifting across from April 8th onwards."The upgrade process itself has been going really well, we've had millions of customers move over," says Skype's Parri Munsell.Messenger Reviver 2 is a Windows app that can bring Windows Live Messenger back from the dead by patching necessary application files and bypassing the forced upgrade window. Since earlier this month, whenever you try to sign in to your Microsoft account in Windows Live Messenger, you are presented with a forced upgrade message, as demonstrated in the screenshot below.


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