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The leaks were then spotted by fans and bloggers who eagerly posted them online.It’s clear that Bravo’s site has some major weak spots or they simply had a huge system glitch, either way; somebody’s in trouble.Other comic book villains such as Trigon, the Fearsome Five, and Mad Mod appeared, as did a number of original villains created for the show, such as Red X and Control Freak. Reruns are now airing every weekday on Boomerang at 11 pm through midnight, and weekends from 3-4 pm, and on Cartoon Network at 6- AM EST.

Therapy doesn’t always mean that bad things are happening; in fact, many couples choose to go to therapy just to keep their marriage in top-notch shape.

Of course there have been several rumors about Ellen cheating on Portia other times, but if this particular affair caused Portia’s relapse? While Ellen has insisted that she and Portia are fine, stories surface every other day about a tumultuous marriage that is tearing at the seams.

It is hard to imagine such turmoil between the jovial talk show host and the actress, but no one really knows what happens in the privacy of their home.

Shockingly, she wasn't asked back for Season 9.

Lauri is still married to George, still lives in the O.


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