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In the second, he was attending a premiere in Manhattan, on the brink of a brilliant career in the arts.It would be fair to assume, I suggest, as he picks me up from my guest house in his new platinum Mercedes, that the prospect of intimacy with the NYPD has substantially diminished.

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And in fact my relationship choices seemed to be just as bad as when I was drunk. The truth is that when I call people to interview them, I do not have a set of preconceived questions.With a memoirist like Burroughs, even this is a challenge."It's looking that way," says Burroughs, as we drive across his hometown of Amherst, two hours west of Boston.He apologises for having had to postpone this meeting in order to fly to Hollywood to attend the first screening of the film version of his captivating memoir Running With Scissors.I suggested we make the interview more of a conversation to see if that would be more interesting.


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