Who is dating prince now

and crawl into the back of my car to the front seat to drive off to my next audition.

Since the Cinnamon Prince split from the bejeweled-moccasins-obsessed Cressida Bonas, in 2014, the 32-year-old hasn’t had a serious girlfriend (at least one that he made public). Markle, who has more than a million Instagram followers, is also a lifestyle blogger, running a site called the Tig (named after a mispronunciation of a wine called Tignanello). pretty common-looking, beaded bracelet that bears a similarity to one of Harry’s? Kensington Palace is, unsurprisingly, refusing to comment. (“Two dogs means everything is good; one dog means we need to talk.”) but was a “no show.” One thing is clear: the British press is going to be on Markle’s every move, every Instagram post, every choice in jewelry, from this point forward.

a friend of the couple has announced that Prince Harry is planning on proposing to Meghan, and soon, with the Royal apparently hoping to propose near the anniversary of the couple’s first date.

‘They will be engaged by the end of summer’, the source explained, apparently adding that they ‘have spoken candidly about their future’ and ‘see a life together.’ Although that would be a pretty speedy engagement, we wouldn’t be surprised judging by how strong the couple seem to be just nine months into their relationship, with a source telling actress was spotted out and about last month, wearing a gold ring with the letter ‘H’ on it, with many seeing it as a subtle nod to her boyfriend.

Journalists are rarely permitted to enter, and those who do are banned from taking pictures or using recording devices.

“There might be music that sounds like me, but what good is that?

“I’m not interested in what happened yesterday,” he tells The Post bluntly.

He’s referring not only to his untouchable run of ’80s albums — including such classics as “1999” (1982), “Purple Rain” (1984) and “Sign o’ the Times” (1987) — but also to the constant stream of contemporary artists such as Miguel, the Weeknd and Tame Impala who crib from his back catalog.

This isn’t the first time that the couple have gone down the sentimental jewellery route, with the actress spotted in December wearing a necklace with the the letter ‘H’ and the letter ‘M’ on it.

The couple were also said to wear matching beaded bracelets before making their relationship public.


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