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How will Zooey's series be affected by her impeding motherhood, if at all?Fox isn't releasing any info yet, but according to multiple insiders close to the show, here's what you need to know: Zooey's pregnancy is not expected to affect the production schedule of the current fourth season.

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Production is currently scheduled to wrap beginning of March, and then all the actors have a four to five month hiatus.

Indeed, she just felt comfortable about the fact I love old music, old movies, screwball comedies, vintage clothes, and basically I'm an old-fashioned gal. By the time she was in her twenties, she had achieved a lot in her short life.

Born on January 17, 1980 to the couple Caleb Deschanel and Mary Jo Deschanel, she had an older sister, Emily Deschanel.

TV Guide Magazine: Let's discuss the kiss, because viewers were pretty surprised by how passionate it was.

Zooey Deschanel: When you have characters who've had this sexual tension for this long, it has to be a freakin' hot kiss, and you have to surprise them.


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