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And a source told the New York Post: "She was telling friends she's dating the writer from 'The Crown'." Gillian was previously wed to Clyde Klotz, the father of her daughter Piper, for three years before they split in 1997 and tied the knot again with Julian Ozanne in 2004 but that ended after two years.She last dated Mark Griffiths, the father of her two sons, for six years but that relationship ended in 2002. and they leave so happy not to be us." Lila also opened up about their sex life in a column for an Austrian society magazine.Bedelia Du Maurier on Hannibal (2013–2015), and Media on American Gods (2017–present).Aside from film and television, Anderson has taken on the stage and received both awards and critical acclaim.That won’t stop the fans from shipping them and exploring their off-screen chemistry.

Gillian Anderson has a reported smoldering sexuality and David Duchovny is a sex addict. Gillian could be the one to make David settle down for life. This comes over three years later than the last revival.She explained: "Peter always says you can gauge the state of our marriage on the number of fish fingers he gets served up in a week."And it appears I went too far once again with my culinary neglect towards Peter as I served him the leftovers of the kids' meal.Earlier this year it was revealed that Peter had split from his Austrian wife Lila Schwarzenberg, who was born Princess Anna Carolina zu Schwarzenberg. She wrote: "Peter still carries the fantasy that the combination of sun, sand and sea undoubtedly leads to countless sex sessions.The couple have five children together and speaking previously about their relationship, he said: "We are so wildly chalk and cheese. Unfortunately, I have to admit that Shades Of Grey didn't really change much in the course of our holiday ..." And she also detailed how furious he once was when she served him fish fingers.I look back now and say, ‘Oh, I was a little nuts.' And I think Gillian would say the same. We get it, and forgive."The X-Files returned to a mixed reception from critics and fans but bumper ratings, with a hefty 3.35 million tuning in last Monday night.


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