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Why was this the right show and were you aware of it in its earlier incarnations? This was one of the most incredible shows I had ever seen. It’s a very genre-bending score and as a vocalist, to be able to drift from a traditional style to folk to klezmer to rock, it’s the most fun singing I’ve done in a long time, especially since you can take off the ‘you’ hat and be in character.

To do it through the eyes of a character, you can leave yourself at the door. Even the first song makes fun of (what the story is based on). A lot of the actors play their instruments onstage.

Q: I believe I saw a photo of you practicing the accordion. There is no orchestra pit and the audience is surrounding you. There are fixed musicians who will play the entire show, and many of the actors are playing.

Some people will be sitting in bar stools in front of me the whole night.

"Angel" was Mc Lachlan's second consecutive top five hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, debuting at number twelve, and then jumping to the top ten the following week, before peaking at number four.

It remained at the top ten for nineteen weeks, and for twenty-nine weeks in the top 100.

But there’s also a thread of optimism expressed in Flesh and Blood and The Sound That Love Makes as Mc Lachlan navigates a new romance (with former NHL star Geoff Courtnall.) For the singer, writing made for great therapy.“We all suffer. I think the record’s indicative of that: It speaks of the struggle and the hardship but it also speaks of the joy and the possibility and the hope.”Going on tour is another way to end the wallowing, partly because of the travel and adventure but also because of the emotional release on stage.“I love playing live, I always have,” she says. It just feels really good after the lonely isolating process of making a record.

To be able to release these songs, give them to a bunch of great musicians who breathe their life into them, and then we get to do it in front of an audience who hopefully likes it, and they seem to.

Following a year of art training at the Nova Scotia School of Design, Mc Lachlan (who had also been fronting a new wave band named October Game) was approached by Nettwerk Records and offered a solo deal.27 – and his arduous preparation for his theatrical debut. You’re looking at the stage and you think, now I have to get myself into this theater. Q: Do you think it will be a hard sell to the tourist crowd when people see that it’s based on a portion of “War and Peace”?Groban recently chatted from Los Angeles about how this concert in support of his “Stages” album will differ from his fall appearance at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre (note – a local orchestra will be used), his love for “The Great Comet” and why Mc Lachlan gives him “goosebumps.” Q: You’re finally doing Broadway! It’s the same way I feel when I walk into baseball stadium for the first time. A: Dave chose a portion (of the book) that is very juicy and salacious and full of self-discovery.On July 2, 2005, Mc Lachlan performed this song at Live 8 Philadelphia with Josh Groban. On Sunday, November 23, 2008, Sarah Mc Lachlan performed "Angel" at the American Music Awards with artist Pink.She also performed the song during the "Concert for Linda," dedicating it to the memory of Linda Mc Cartney. The song made its début on the New Zealand Singles Chart on 6 July 2009 at number 36. Inspired by her experiences, she retreated to a secluded house outside of Montreal to write material for her next album. charts at number 50; by the end of 1994, it reached platinum status after spending 62 weeks on the chart.


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