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But we’re talking long-term here, so…Few of them are surprisingly very good.It turns out, on the Internet, there are so many “empowering” dating/love advices. I know dating is supposed to be fun and exciting (at least that’s the story most of my married friends are selling), but most of the time I just end up feeling tired and hungry.There was a DJ playing all sorts of fun music, from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme (of which I am proud to say I know […] Yeah, it’s been one of those weeks. Well, I’d been dating someone and that ended this week. After the phone call that ended it, I talked with my mom […] There are few things that bring me more joy than in hearing about disastrous dates.It’s all good; we all deserve to find happiness and for some online dating is what works.I myself have used OKCupid in the past & have met some really fantastic people, but, did I ever wonder if any of my matches were relatives? In Iceland, however, this is something people legitimately worry about and FINALLY a dating app has been designed to make sure you don’t accidentally “bump uglies” with a distant cousin.My kids love the hustle and bustle, they love the thrill rides, they love the water rides (Thunder Canyon anyone?), they love the entertainment, and they love the food. We headed to Valleyfair for their Food Truck Fest last Saturday.

We all know about Ok cupid, Plenty of Fish, How About We etc…After reading countless resources (the empowering one, of course), I arrive at one conclusion that basically sums it all:“Men want freedom. Long-term, healthy relationship is a compromise between those two.”Now, you surely know about the cliche relationship failure: the woman became too needy and clingy, the man then backed off. We can do paperwork at the office and our brain will still able to remind us to buy a surprise birthday cake for our sister, pick up the laundry, and of course — reply to that text message.Then, from woman’s perspective, it means there is one solution for this classic problem: I couldn’t agree more with the importance of “having a life”. They get busy, they focus one thing and forget everything. So in practice, let’s say, women can “have a life” — to get themselves distracted.Not that it isn’t the case anymore, the technology and engineering that takes place at amusement parks is crazy cool, but…amusement parks still carry a sense of nostalgia and history within their gates.Valleyfair, our Minnesota theme park, turns 40 this year.I think it evokes in me a combination of both empathy and relief.


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