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Subject: My bad I apologize for that last e-mail—sincerely. Subject: Still at it Maybe—and this is just thinking out loud—the girl at Jake’s party on Friday gave you a fake e-mail? You have a lot to offer: You capitalize the beginnings of sentences and “I,” never use emoticons, and are 100 percent virus-free. Subject: Here goes Dear Teddy, I’m just going to come out and input it.

My jerk of an outgoing-mail server has been hassling me to get on top of the 2,364,182 erroneous e-mails sent in the last few hours, and I’m really stressed. (I’m really sorry—I kind of glanced at your message after trying to send it the 34,508th time.) Subject: My bad, reprise Teddy, That was another low blow; please forgive me. I always look forward to serving you—even when you’re just marking a message about discount Viagra from “Ernesto J. I’ve been crushing on you for a while—ever since you switched to Yahoo! I still remember your first message, because you haven’t deleted it.

It was just too young for me; and anyway, I wanted to wait until I loved the guy I was with, and my first boyfriend was just a crush.

I am 42 years of age and lives in Guyana, South America. I would like to communicate with males from around the world for friendship leading to a serious relationship. # (592)683-3806 / (592)644-1783 My email address: [email protected] forward to hear from you soon.

Its not about money but love .contact me pliz i will reply your email. Friends, am a man aged 51, humble , honest , trustworthy and God fearing. EMAIL - [email protected] a lovely and handsome guy of 19 yrs of age from Nigeria and a very friendly and understanding guy.

My interests include , surfing web, music, movies , adventurous, exchanging ideas and expriences. EMAIL - [email protected] kenyan , looking for a lady age 30 and over matured mostly german ,danish or from europe currently i work in Dubai emirates hobies, i like having holidays in mombasa beaches email me pliz. EMAIL - [email protected] there friends, my name is becca and i am looking for uncommitted white males across the world (25-35 years old) I promise you won't have a dull moment. EMAIL - [email protected],am rahina from Ghana wanting a serious man from American, Canada , Spain, Germany between the age of 20 to 35serious man to call my future serious person should email me on [email protected] - [email protected] everyone my name is ademola samson,am l here purposely because am looking for a serious lady for a serious relationship,l ned a woman who will love me for who l am,pls contact me on my mobile number 2348106390038or 2348184799215 EMAIL - [email protected],am lawrence.i would like to get apenipal,am friendly and willing to learn more from him or her and talk about my country uganda and theirs. I need a young girl of age 13 to 18 from wesrtern countries for real dating dat will eventually leads 2 marriage.

Chillingsworth” as spam or immediately deleting a Move message from John Kerry. It was so beautiful in its simplicity—the subject line “test” that you sent to yourself.

Did you watch the basketball game last night with Danny like he suggested Tuesday at -0500 and you confirmed at -0500?


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